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Water Leak

What In The Water Leak Is Going On?

You’ve experienced that moment when you’re at home minding your business when all of a sudden you hear it...drip…drip…drip. It’s coming from your kitchen sink faucet. Has that water been dripping this entire time, and how have you not noticed? Why is that the only thing you can hear... read more →
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Plumbing Emergency

Do I Have a Plumbing Emergency?

Your home is a collection of intricate systems, technologies, and devices; all made to make your life more comfortable. However, with so many of these delicate commodities, your home is subject to the occasional mishap. And of all that could go wrong, a plumbing problem is among the... read more →
Dec 20

7 Helpful Commercial Plumbing Maintenance Tips

As a commercial building owner, you have several maintenance concerns to which you must attend. From electricity to heating and everything in between, issues with just about everything seem to arise routinely. However, adequate maintenance and attentive problem solving will alleviate any severe issues. That’s why we at NIR Plumbing encourage... read more →
Dec 07