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Plumbing Emergency

Do I Have a Plumbing Emergency?

Your home is a collection of intricate systems, technologies, and devices; all made to make your life more comfortable. However, with so many of these delicate commodities, your home is subject to the occasional mishap. And of all that could go wrong, a plumbing problem is among the... read more →
Dec 20

7 Helpful Commercial Plumbing Maintenance Tips

As a commercial building owner, you have several maintenance concerns to which you must attend. From electricity to heating and everything in between, issues with just about everything seem to arise routinely. However, adequate maintenance and attentive problem solving will alleviate any severe issues. That’s why we at NIR Plumbing encourage... read more →
Dec 07
Nov 20
Nov 11

What Causes Backflow?

We’ve all likely experienced clogs and backups in our households. These are common occurrences and typically call for an easy fix. All you’ll need is a plunger and maybe a call to your local plumber. However, these are far different from a similar-sounding, yet much more severe issue called... read more →
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NIR Plumbing - Toilets From Around The World

Toilets From Around the World

Toilets From Around the World Whether you're out on the town, traveling by plane, or even in space, there’s one necessity you can’t go without. Among the most prestigious and the lowly alike, we all require a toilet. And though the need for one is universal, a toilet’s design may... read more →