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Dec 05
tips to keep drain clear

Tips to keep the drain clear

We love this season. The Thanksgiving feast has just ended, and we still have a few leftovers available. But soon we will be heading into Christmas feast time! Large roasts usually accompany these large meals. Beef, Ham, Turkey…. We love them all. Our drains, however, do not. At the end... read more →
Nov 27
water jetting and pipe cleaning

Water Jetting and Pipe Cleaning

No one likes a clogged drain. If you are a homeowner, a clogged drain is an annoyance that will almost never clear up on itself. The issue will compound and just become worse. If you are a business owner, a clogged drain can be a severe liability. Business' need their plumbing... read more →
Nov 13
ins vs uninsured

Insured vs. Uninsured Plumber

When you discover a plumbing issue, what you want is someone to come and fix your problem quickly and not charge you an arm and a leg. You may call a few plumbers to get some quotes. This is smart. Good Job! But here’s a small piece of advice as... read more →
Oct 20
Oct 16
Sep 19

Bully for You

Do you know what University of Georgia, Yale, The U.S. Marines, the University of Redlands, The country of Britain and NIR Plumbing all have in common? Their mascot is the Bulldog. Why is a bulldog such a popular mascot?   A Bulldog is loyal These dogs love their families. They... read more →
Sep 07
Moreno Valley Top Picks

Top Picks for Mo Val

We love our office on Perris Blvd in Moreno Valley. We just love Moreno Valley. The people are kind, and we love being able to help them whenever a plumbing issue comes up. In this blog, we thought we would go over some of our favorite spots in Moreno Valley.... read more →
Aug 21
Top Picks in Corona

The Best of Corona

We’ve been serving Corona from our location at 2621 Green River Rd and we love it. We love the city of Corona and the people that live here. We thought that we would share some favorite spots to hit in the Corona area. For some adventure try Skull Canyon Zipline... read more →
Aug 10
Best of Riverside

The Best of Riverside

We love the areas that we get to serve. We’ve been serving Riverside for years now from our location on Brockton Avenue. We love Riverside! So we thought that we would share some popular places to visit. If you’re from the area or outside the Riverside area, we highly recommend... read more →
Jul 24
Backflow Certification in Riverside County, CA

Backflow Certification

One of the things that we can so easily take for granted is our access to clean water. Anywhere we go, in the U.S., we have access to it. Clean water comes from every faucet, water fountain, and shower that we will use. That is not the case for millions... read more →