(pex or copper)

Looking to repipe?

For us to replace your plumbing lines, bear in mind that unless your floors and walls are already exposed for renovation, we will have to open them up. That is if you are wanting to use copper pipe. The other pipe option is PEX. It’s flexible, so it can be fed into the walls without opening them up. Also, it’s a far more affordable option. Not only installation costs, but also material costs, are lower with PEX pipe. On average, PEX piping costs half of what copper piping does. Also, it is more energy efficient and burst-resistant than copper.

On the other hand

Copper plumbing pipes are very durable, weather resistant, corrosion resistant, and will not burn in the case of fire. Additionally, they can last over a hundred years, while PEX piping has only been in use for ten years and does not have a proven performance record. At least PEX piping is predicted to last 50 years, and typically comes with a 25 year warranty.


whichever way you choose to go, we’ll get in there do the repiping, and have the old house back into ship shape for you!