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Retail Construction & Restaurant Construction

What would the restaurant or shopping experience be without good plumbing? Our seasoned plumbers have a thorough knowledge of the specifications on retail and restaurant new construction projects. If you are looking to offer food service, grease traps or other interceptor devices may need to be installed.


In both retail and restaurant construction, sewer or septic capacity has to be determined accurately. Plumbing systems for both businesses have high-volume, high-abuse requirements. They need to be installed with commercial-grade materials and quality workmanship. Which is precisely what we do at NIR Plumbing! As you can see there are many special considerations for plumbing your building and we know them all!


Whether you are a business owner or a commercial contractor in riverside ca, it’s important that you choose a reliable plumbing subcontractor for your next construction project.NIR Plumbing can help you achieve your goal by plumbing your new commercial building or renovating of your existing retail location or restaurant.

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