Gas System Installs

(polyethylene or metal)

extreme care

Here’s another install that requires extreme care. For the most part, this goes without saying, but we like to keep things from going ‘boom,’ so we’ll put it out there! If you are looking for a Gas System Install, a NIR Plumber will fit your home with one that is right for you, following all CA safety codes and procedures, and using good old common sense. That’s our promise to our customers.

First of all

You’ll need to choose a piping system that is engineered for the underground environment. There’s really only two choices, polyethylene or metal. Polyethylene piping is corrosion and fatigue resistant, with leak free joints, fusion joints, adaptability, and trenchless installation. It is also eco-friendly and it has an extended service life.

on the other hand

Metal Piping has been used for decades and is still the signature of a traditional natural gas system. It does require additional costs for materials to protect the pipe from the harsh and corrosive environment underground.

Consult with us today on what gas system is the best fit for your home!