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What Causes Backflow?

We’ve all likely experienced clogs and backups in our households. These are common occurrences and typically call for an easy fix. All you’ll need is a plunger and maybe a call to your local plumber. However, these are far different from a similar-sounding, yet much more severe issue called... read more →
Oct 23
Oct 16
Apr 23
NIR Plumbing - Toilets From Around The World

Toilets From Around the World

Toilets From Around the World Whether you're out on the town, traveling by plane, or even in space, there’s one necessity you can’t go without. Among the most prestigious and the lowly alike, we all require a toilet. And though the need for one is universal, a toilet’s design may... read more →
Apr 09

Plumbing Safety 101

Plumbing Safety 101 Any DIY home project should not be endured without a few safety reminders. Being the hero handyman cannot come at the cost of your health or safety. So, before you take on your Next Plumbing Project, we advise that you keep these precautions in mind. And if... read more →
Mar 20

10 Ways to Conserve Water

10 Ways to Conserve Water Simple Things you can do Everyday Southern California seems to be under the constant threat of a drought. We as residents are urged to protect this precious resource. However, the conservation of this daily necessity can prove to be quite challenging. And when our long... read more →
Mar 07
Restaurant Plumbing Practices

6 Helpful Restaurant Plumbing Practices

Ways to Watch your Water usage and Maintain your Pipes Running a restaurant is no small feat. You practice hospitality, recipe perfection, and staff delegation, all at once. So, it is necessary that your Pipes are Working on pace with your demands. To ensure proper pipe function and efficient water... read more →
Feb 21