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Oct 05
Prevent and Remove Mold

Prevent and Remove Mold

Wherever there is moisture, there is a chance of mold. And in all of our homes, we have rooms that are made explicitly for moisture to have a strong presence. The laundry room, the kitchen, under various sinks, and most importantly, the bathroom. It could be a leaking pipe or... read more →
Sep 14
Still on Septic

Still on Septic

It can be easy when you take a shower or flush a toilet to not think about what happens to that water or that waste. Most homes go to the sewer system, and that waste never has to be thought about again. But if you have a septic system then... read more →
Sep 06
Victorian Era Plumbing

Victorian Era Plumbing

We love serving the Inland Empire. There is something about this area and the community here that feels like home. But we also love the history. People moved to this area in the 1800's and started building some of the most beautiful homes that dot all over our landscape. It... read more →
Aug 15
Aug 07
National Water Quality Month

National Water Quality Month

For many of us, utilizing the water that comes straight out of our drains doesn’t cause a second thought. We use that water to cook with, brush our teeth, wash our hands, and bathe. However, that privilege is not one that many others have. Our tap water is regulated so... read more →
Jul 13
Jul 05
cold cold water

Cold, Cold Water

The Summer heat has been hitting its stride. And where we would all love to hang out at the pool all day, there are limits to the amount of time that you can live with pruney fingers. In instances where you need to be responsible and go along with your... read more →
Jun 12
new construction who dis

New Construction Who Dis?

There is a famous saying that “A man is not an island unto himself.” The saying means that no human is expected to survive by themselves, but that we need people around us to thrive. We agree with this statement entirely because it's something that we see on a regular... read more →
Jun 06
leave the rust to us

Leave the Rust to Us

There are very few things that are as frustrating as cleaning all day and not seeing the fruits of your labor. We find this especially true when cleaning your tubs, sinks or toilets. You may use every conventional cleaner out there, but if you have rust stains, you need to... read more →
May 23
Is your dishwasher clogged

Is your Dishwasher Clogged?

We are a fan of the dishwasher. Growing up, it seemed like the dishwasher was our two hands. Now, to be able to put dirty dishes aside for a while and find them clean a little later; what could be better?! And while you always want your appliances to work,... read more →