Slab Leaks

Do you have a leak in your pipes or beneath your slab?


A slab leak often occurs because copper piping weakens over time and develops pinhole leaks. Hard water can also corrode a pipe and cause a slab leak; Also known as a leak beneath your foundation. It’s not uncommon to experience this type of leaking. That said, it’s also not good and can seriously damage your home with fungus and mold. The negative effects of this to your health, and that of your family, is just one more reason for you to call in NIR Plumbing to repair the leak, stat.


Detection of the leak and isolation of the trouble area, with the use of our special equipment, is the first step to repairing the lines. Following this we discuss the different options up for repairs. We implement all common industry fixes as needed to get your home back to working order.

If you suspect a leak in your home…