Sewer and Water Line Services and Repairs

These two systems may be less than glamorous to deal with.

The good news is you don’t have to because NIR Plumbing is here to handle it for you.

When do you know you have a problem?

If you go to flush your toilet or wash a load of laundry, but find water backing up into your shower or tub as a result; that’s a clear sign you have a problem.

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Shifting soil, or freezing ground can block, restrict, or collapse pipes and damage water and sewer lines. Interestingly, the number one cause of sewer line back-ups, cracked lines and drainage problems is caused by root infiltration. A pipe can easily be taken over by a trees hair like root mass and then quickly clogged with toilet paper, debris and grease coming from the home to the main sewer line. When theses roots grow, they will put the pipes under serious pressure and the pipes will eventually crack.

Self diagnosing

Self diagnosing these sewer and water line problems can be difficult and the repairs can be down right labor-intensive. To avoid more costly repairs down the road, call NIR Plumbing! There’s no guesswork involved in our water service and sewer replacements and the even better news is you get to sit back and watch us get dirty. Clearly, the smart choice!