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Feb 07
Check your backflow

Check your Backflow 

If you’ve been following our blog for any amount of time, you’ll have read about backflow prevention. If this is your first time here, check out our previous blog on backflow. We feel passionate about clean water and think that most people do, but they may not spend as much time... read more →
Jan 17
when to call a plumber

When To Call A Plumber

When some part of your plumbing breaks down, who do you call? (please say you internally yelled ghostbusters here) But really, do you call your husband or wife? Your Dad? Everyone has their first call, the person that you go to when something breaks. But sometimes when it comes to... read more →
Jan 05

Back flow No Mo

In our modern world, we have a lot of conveniences. One of the more overlooked conveniences is what we do with our waste. Our plumbing systems are developed to help make things go away. Flush the toilet, and everything disappears. Put it down the drain, and it goes away. Out... read more →
Dec 21
New Year's Resolution

Resolutions To Make This Next Year

‘Tis the season of the New Year's resolution! Across the country, you will hear people begin to speak about ways that they want to change or improve themselves this next year.  Here are a few resolutions that we would like to recommend: Learn Something New After you graduate from school,... read more →
Dec 05
tips to keep drain clear

Tips to keep the drain clear

We love this season. The Thanksgiving feast has just ended, and we still have a few leftovers available. But soon we will be heading into Christmas feast time! Large roasts usually accompany these large meals. Beef, Ham, Turkey…. We love them all. Our drains, however, do not. At the end... read more →
Nov 27
water jetting and pipe cleaning

Water Jetting and Pipe Cleaning

No one likes a clogged drain. If you are a homeowner, a clogged drain is an annoyance that will almost never clear up on itself. The issue will compound and just become worse. If you are a business owner, a clogged drain can be a severe liability. Business' need their plumbing... read more →
Nov 13
ins vs uninsured

Insured vs. Uninsured Plumber

When you discover a plumbing issue, what you want is someone to come and fix your problem quickly and not charge you an arm and a leg. You may call a few plumbers to get some quotes. This is smart. Good Job! But here’s a small piece of advice as... read more →
Oct 20
Oct 16
Sep 19

Bully for You

Do you know what University of Georgia, Yale, The U.S. Marines, the University of Redlands, The country of Britain and NIR Plumbing all have in common? Their mascot is the Bulldog. Why is a bulldog such a popular mascot?   A Bulldog is loyal These dogs love their families. They... read more →