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when to call a plumber

When To Call A Plumber

When some part of your plumbing breaks down, who do you call? (please say you internally yelled ghostbusters here) But really, do you call your husband or wife? Your Dad? Everyone has their first call, the person that you go to when something breaks. But sometimes when it comes to plumbing issues, you need to call in the professionals. A DIY fix can, in some cases, actually hurt you in the long run. There are now more advanced appliances being used in everyday construction. What used to be an easy fix like replacing a rubber washer to keep your faucet from dripping can be more complicated due to more advanced designs of faucets. So here is a list of a few critical issues that require a phone call to your plumber:


Major Installation
If you are replacing an appliance or putting a new appliance in your home, please call a plumber. Without professional knowledge, you can do severe damage to your device or your plumbing system. Both will end up costing you more to fix than the cost of initially calling your plumber.


Low Water Pressure
This can be a very annoying problem however finding the cause can be difficult. There are a variety of reasons that our water pressure may be low and not all of them can be found inside your house. If your DIY fix doesn’t address the issue right away make sure to call a plumber. It could be something more serious that you don’t want to wait on.


No Hot Water

It may be obvious that the issue is with your water heater. However, water heaters are pretty complex. Depending on your system there may be electrical components that have broken. If it is a gas system, the last thing you want to do is create a gas leak. A plumber will be able to give you an assessment if  your water heater can be fixed or if it needs to be replaced.

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