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Victorian Era Plumbing

Victorian Era Plumbing

We love serving the Inland Empire.
There is something about this area and the community here that feels like home. But we also love the history. People moved to this area in the 1800’s and started building some of the most beautiful homes that dot all over our landscape. It is our pleasure to continue to serve this community well. However, when you are dealing with older homes, some unique challenges can occur. 

In the late 1800’s, Victorians were utilizing all of the running water that they could harness for their bathrooms.

If you have had a chance to see these types of bathrooms, you know that they had charm and style to rival any sitting room of the time. However, as with all things, time marches on. If your Victorian house has not been updated, many of the fixtures of that time will not produce a pleasant plumbing situation for you now. If you still want the look and feel of a Victorian bathroom, many companies can recreate those fixtures while also working to today’s standards.

One common challenge is in the type of pipes used in the plumbing.

Many homes would have used galvanized steel which has a terrible tendency to rust leading to weak water pressure and rusty water when you first turn on your faucets. You may have also found clay pipes or even cast iron pipes. If you are having issues with your pipes, it may be time to replace them. Where copper has continued to be the gold standard of plumbing, many people are opting to use PEX pipes because of their lower cost and for how long they last.

If you are having issues with your older home and its plumbing, please call us. We love working on Victorian houses and their plumbing that may need a little TLC.  We are more than equipped to answer each of these issues and more that may arise.