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Toilet Talk

Toilet Talk

When you are a plumbing company, you become very familiar with all different types of toilets. While it is true that they all have the same primary function, there are so many different combinations of options that make up your standard commode. In this blog, we will be covering just a few of the different types of toilets and their various benefits.


Two pieces

This is the most common of all toilets and the most likely to be sitting in your bathroom right now. These toilets have two separate parts (like the name suggests) which are made up of the tank and the bowl. These toilets tend to cost less than their one-piece counterparts and are easier to install for the most part. If one part of the toilet breaks, you can just replace that part and not order a whole other toilet.

One piece  

A one-piece toilet has some loud fans. People who use a one-piece enjoy that it has excellent durability and is far easier to keep clean. These toilets tend to be a little smaller and closer to the ground than two-piece toilets. They are a good fit if you have a small bathroom or if you have children or disabled people who will be regularly using this toilet.

Low flow 

If you are looking into conserving water and saving yourself some money you may want to look into a low flow toilet. These toilets have gotten a bad rap over the years saying that they clog quickly and you need to flush multiple times to eliminate large amounts of waste. However, advances in their design have made them a viable option for most families. You can save quite a bit on your water bill each month if you were looking into a low flow option.

These are just a few of options to consider when looking for a toilet. Check out our blog next month as we continue to cover these different types of toilets and how they may be a good fit for you, your home or your business.