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tips to keep drain clear

Tips to keep the drain clear

We love this season.

The Thanksgiving feast has just ended, and we still have a few leftovers available. But soon we will be heading into Christmas feast time! Large roasts usually accompany these large meals. Beef, Ham, Turkey…. We love them all. Our drains, however, do not. At the end of every meal comes the “fun” as you clean your kitchen. How you were able to use every single pot and serving dish may seem comical eventually, but maybe not if you’re on washing duty. It’s easy to want to dispose of food scraps and oils down your drain, but please do not. This is the simplest way to clog your pipes leading to gurgling, slow water drainage and full on blockage.

You need to be careful of the big 3: Fats, oils and grease or FOG.

After roasting that turkey or any meat there are always fats that are released. Now this will help you make a delicious gravy but will be harmful if poured down your drain. While it may appear in liquid form as you pour it down the drain, that liquid soon cools and becomes a solid. The fats will build up and create a clog in your pipe.

To dispose of these fats and oils, please pour them into another jar to cool and then put in the trash. Then use a paper towel to clean off the additional residue left on the pan. This ensures no FOG will get in your kitchen drain. You will also want to use your sink disposal sparingly. If any food items can be thrown in the trash, they should. Relying on your disposal heavily just means that there is that much more of a chance of a clog.

Of course, if you should have a plumbing emergency we are always available to help you at no additional cost.

We know that no one plans on flooding or backed up drains. That’s why we are available 24/7/365 to ensure that your holidays go off without a hitch.