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NIR to the rescue

NIR to the Rescue 

Yesterday we caught up with David who is an apartment manager in Redlands that we have been working with regularly. The apartments were built in the 60’s, and they continue to attract a lot of attention whenever one of them comes available. We love coming to help with whatever plumbing issues arise. Here’s what David had to say about working with us:

Q: What do you usually call NIR Plumbing for? 

Normally I have them do rooting on pipes that have build up and are not draining properly, and I’ve had them on emergency repairs. I’ve had the pipes explode in the ceiling of one unit. They came in and replaced the piping in a few hours. One time for an emergency repair I had them come out because we had a stoppage in our sewer that was causing back up. They came out at 9 pm on a Friday night and stayed until the job was done at 1 am. I have them take care of all the pressure fittings in this building because the piping is usually older piping and I don’t necessarily have the expertise to take care of it without necessarily causing problems.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working with NIR Plumbing?

Everyone that they have sent out has been very friendly, but the things that have continued to stick out is just how good they are at their job. Their expertise is extremely useful. They know what they are doing. There is really no one out there that can compete with them at their level.  I’ve been doing contracting work for years in our family business, and I have seen all sorts of plumbers, these guys are definitely tops in my book.

Q: How often do you work with NIR Plumbing?

For this building, I will call them 3 or 4 times a month. I keep calling them because of their expertise and the tools that they have available you couldn’t even buy a private contractor for cheaper.

Thanks for sharing David! We take pride in our work and are always glad when our clients are pleased with our work ethic. Give us a call anytime, especially if there is a plumbing emergency you need us to save.