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Intelligent HVAC Systems

HVAC 101: A Quick Overview of Intelligent HVAC Systems

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 Overview: Read more to learn the core concepts of intelligent HVAC, from real-time energy management to a smart algorithm

Did someone say intelligent HVAC systems? Over the years, humans have made great progress when it comes to technological advancements, and this includes advancements in the HVAC sector. HVAC systems have undoubtedly become more effective, durable, and – you guessed it – smarter.

If you’re still struggling to grasp how traditional HVAC systems work, well, new systems are in the process of taking over outdated, problematic systems. So let’s answer some questions such as how a smart HVAC system works, what exactly does it do, and why/how is it better compared to traditional units? By the end of this article, you’ll learn why this specific type of HVAC unit is labelled as intelligent.

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 What is an Intelligent HVAC system? 

An intelligent HVAC is a smart ventilation system facilitated by 11 different sensors, allowing the users to control the temperature of every room at any time.

Not only does the system analyze how the temperature in each room changes throughout the day, but it also automatically adjusts the airflow to maintain the temperature which users prefer.

This all is possible because the intelligent HVAC system is connected to the cloud, enabling it to monitor changes.

Intelligent HVAC systems not only control temperature, but also monitor and regulate carbon dioxide levels and air quality inside the building. Smart HVAC units have real-time energy management and a smart algorithm which allows them to adjust and maintain the set temperature of rooms when natural temperature shifts.

 History of HVAC Systems :

In the 1970s, an Iranian entrepreneur by the name of Hamid Farzaneh inaugurated a company which installed heating and cooling systems in the homes of rich Iranians. He noticed a problem with his heating and cooling systems, and later came to the conclusion that people only had two options: either they could turn the system on, or they could turn the system off. Nothing in between.

The problem aroused as some rooms were naturally cool and needed heat while some were hot and needed to be cooled. This lead to some rooms being too warm and others being too cool.

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 The Benefits of an Intelligent HVAC System :

It  Saves Your Bucks: 

What could be the benefits of intelligent HVAC system? Well, let’s talk about saving money, first. Smart HVAC saves the cost of electricity. And who doesn’t like to save money?

While smart thermostats and vents could be on the costly side of things, these are investments that are worth the expense, as you’ll save you for the longer run! It’s more like an investment that will be energy efficient. This is because other heating and cooling systems run continuously at the same temperature and incur huge costs. With a smart HVAC system, the temperature adjusts according to the room temperature and people present.

These smart systems only run when you tell them to. Thus, by limiting the amount of energy you allow it to take, intelligent HVAC systems reduce your electricity bills. Think about those times you forget to switch off the button. Just switch the HVAC system to off using your phone.

 Convenience and Comfort: 

Of course the main point of installing anything smart is to ensure it makes our lives more convenient. Intelligent HVAC systems have a thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature from your couch (talk about convenience!).

Another benefit of the smart HVAC is that you don’t need to worry about the thermostats and settings of the system. The smart HVAC system is efficient, easy to install, clean and more durable than outdated heating and cooling systems.

And let’s not forget othat a smart thermostat also reminds you when it’s time for maintenance or replacing your filter. This is overall an ideal solution for those with busy schedules!

 Better Air Quality: 

As for the comfort, smart HVAC helps you create temperature zones, so everyone gets their desired temperature. Smart vents also ensure better air quality. When you install purifiers and humidifiers to your smart systems, the air quality significantly improves!

 In Summary: 

While you can always install an intelligent HVAC system on your own by following a  manual, you can also let professional plumbers complete the installation for you. Be sure to check us out for more plumbing insight – including updates within the plumbing industry.