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History of Toilet Paper

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History of Toilet Paper

There are so many modern inventions that if we had to do without them, it would impact our life significantly. From electricity, the internet, running water… the list is endless. So much of our world sees these conveniences as necessities. One such invention that many people could never consider living without is toilet paper. It seems so insignificant until you’re without it and you realize I NEED THIS! From asking a stranger in the stall next to you to help you out to calling for help in your home, toilet paper has become a staple of our society. But that was not always the case. So we thought we would introduce you to the history of toilet paper.

The earliest form of toilet paper was found in China in 2nd century BC. But it was obviously not widely used. In fact, many different objects such as hay, straw, grass, corn cobs, frayed ends of a rope, and sponges on a stick were used as methods of cleaning one’s self after relieving yourself. Because paper was such a rare commodity, it was not widely used for this reason until the 18th century. It wasn’t until 1857 when Joseph Gayetty created packaged toilet paper that the idea started to take shape. His toilet paper came in flat sheets that had his name imprinted on every slip of paper. It was not widely used. In 1890, the Scott brothers put toilet paper on a roll. An idea which did gain traction. However, selling the product was not easy.

The Scott Brothers decided not to put their name on the product. Toilet Paper was still seen as something that should not be talked about in polite society. So advertising the product was an uphill battle. It wasn’t until 1928 when an advertising campaign finally hit the right notes that this product could be discussed and sold openly. The campaign put a feminine logo and beautiful woman on the packaging. The packaging was considered so charming that it was called Charmin.

The Success of Toilet Paper and Plumbing

The product continued to be so successful with the introduction of an economy four pack, that it lasted through the great depression and is still used today. Today, toilet paper comes in many different brands and styles, the real growth found in this industry is overseas where toilet paper has not always been a staple.

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