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Getting your house ready for Winter

Getting your house ready for Winter

It may not feel like it right now, but winter is coming. Which means that it is the perfect time to get your home ready for the change in weather. Southern California is known for its mild winters, but there are a few changes that should be looked at to ensure that you easily transition through the changing seasons.

Air Flow

Now is a good time to check your windows and doors for possible drafts. Your windows will be one of the leading problems when trying to keep your home heated during the winter. You may also want to check crawl spaces and attics to see if any air is getting through or if you need to add some insulation to help. You can also utilize different types of window shades to help keep heat in and cold out. Finally, we suggest getting your heater checked out by a professional. A simple inspection enables you to find out if there are any potential problems and what it will take to fix them before a cold streak hits and you are left without heating.

Keep Water Moving

Rain and snow are wonderful, but if it is outside of intended areas, it can cause some severe damage. In Southern California, we get the majority of our rain in the winter months, and if left unchecked it can be problematic. Make sure you clear out your gutters so the water can flow out and away from your house. If these are clogged, the water will cumulate and can lead to water damage.
If you have a home in an area where it can reach freezing points, you will want to prep your pipes. If you do nothing, your pipes can burst, and it can lead to some devastating damage. Finally, get your water heater checked by a plumber. You will be using your water heater a lot more in the winter month, and a proper inspection can help head off any issues.

Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to help you prep your house for the coming winter months. We are here to help in any and every plumbing situation.