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cold cold water

Cold, Cold Water

The Summer heat has been hitting its stride. And where we would all love to hang out at the pool all day, there are limits to the amount of time that you can live with pruney fingers. In instances where you need to be responsible and go along with your normal adulting, there are specific tips that you can use to keep cool during these hot summer months.


Take a Cold Shower

When most people think of taking a shower, they think of hot steamy warm water. However, if its already 100 degrees outside, that may be the last thing that you want. A cold shower cools off your body temperature and helps you if you are overheated. It has other benefits as well. Cold showers have been shown in increase circulation in your body, help strengthen your body’s immune system, drain your lymphatic system, help wake you up in the morning and surprisingly, help you fall asleep at night.


Sleep like an Egyptian

In Southern California, we have a pretty good idea of how to handle our heat. But if the nights are proving hard to sleep through, take a tip from the ancient Egyptians. They would wet down a sheet and use that as a blanket. The moisture adds coolness to your sleeping cycle. You might want to add a towel underneath to keep your mattress from getting too wet.


Wash your hands

This may seem like a strange way to cool down, but it honestly works. The blood vessels at your wrists are closer to the skin, and therefore it is easier to cool them than other areas of the body. Cooling down that area can help alleviate heat as the blood travels throughout your body. You can also apply a cold compress to the places behind your ears, your neck, the inner elbow, behind your knees, your ankles or your groin area. Each of these is a quick cooling spot.

All of these suggestions are here to help you cool off during the summer months. However, if you are having a hard time accessing water in your home due to plumbing problems, we can help! Please call us today!

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