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Check your backflow

Check your Backflow 

If you’ve been following our blog for any amount of time, you’ll have read about backflow prevention. If this is your first time here, check out our previous blog on backflow. We feel passionate about clean water and think that most people do, but they may not spend as much time thinking about it as we do. If you’ve already had a backflow preventer installed 🙌 – way 👏 to 👏 go👏! But just as important as installing your device is making sure that it is working. Here are some signs that you need your backflow preventer checked:

It’s been a year since installation

It’s essential that you get this device checked annually. There is a whole lot that can happen in a year that could be breaking down your device without you even knowing it. Make sure that you have a yearly inspection on the books for your backflow prevention device. Outside of having clean water, the other reason why this checkup needs to happen is to keep your plumbing up to code which is required by the law.

There is visible wear and tear

You may have your yearly inspection planned, but if you are noticing some noticeable changes on your backflow device, you should call a plumber. A plumber can assess if the damage is enough to need a new one to be installed and if any of your potable water is not safe. If you are noticing a leak or a discharge being released there is most likely a problem and some part of your backflow prevention has failed.

You notice cloudy or discolored water
This is very important and a sign there has been a severe breach of the backflow prevention device. Even if you see the color change in water that you do not usually drink from, such as from the hose, you will still want to take this seriously. Water that has experienced backflow can be contaminated with chemicals, human waste, and other harmful things. Please call NIR Plumbing right away if you see this. We never charge for emergency calls, we just want to make sure you and your family is safe.