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Bully for You

Do you know what University of Georgia, Yale, The U.S. Marines, the University of Redlands, The country of Britain and NIR Plumbing all have in common? Their mascot is the Bulldog. Why is a bulldog such a popular mascot?


A Bulldog is loyal
These dogs love their families. They are excellent dogs to have if you have young children. They intrinsically understand to be gentle with your little ones all the while wanting to protect them from strangers. They safeguard their families and scare off intruders.
A Bulldog is a hard worker
Their original job back in the day was to help butchers by catching the bringing down bulls. When they were brought over to America, they were no longer used for such jobs, but they were very helpful on farms. Today, a bulldog loves to be useful and to have a job. Of course, they also love a good nap. But if you work hard, you should play hard too right?


A Bulldog is strong
One look at their physical makeup, and it’s easy to see that these are strong dogs. From their stocky frame to their strong jaws, these dogs pack a punch.


A Bulldog is persistent but also patient
A bulldog goes after what they want. Known as being a bit stubborn, if you’ve ever tried to get a bulldog to do something they didn’t want to you know you’ve got quite a fight in front of you. But they are also very patient dogs. Like we stated before, they are great family dogs. Young children can climb all over them, and they will be gentle and affectionate.
It’s no wonder why the bulldog is one of the most popular dogs in the US. When we saw all of these characteristics, we knew that this would be a great mascot for the values that we hold at NIR Plumbing. We are loyal and hardworking. When presented with a problem we want to ensure that we are fixing the problem and not making a problem that will pop up later. We seek to help out each person and business that we interact with and always want to provide superior service. We hope that when you see our bulldog mascot that you’ll remember a bit of who we are.

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